Artist-in-residency & Workshops

29. May - 28. June 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Casperelectronics aka Peter Edwards, is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000.



At the residency he combines fields electronics, invention, music and collaboration and engage within local community via lectures, workshops and performance.

The aim of the residency is to actively include the public into the creative process, and equip them with the basic knowledge of electronics and an appropriate as well as instructive tool and tutorials for the further development, experimentation and creation. The end results are published in open-source fashion at the programme’s conclusion in the form of extensive documentation (a manual) about its use and functions.


OMSynth workshops

During his residency Mr. Edwards will be holding free studio sessions (instructional lectures and workshops) every week, where you can learn about electronics and build your own experimental musical instruments.

The workshops will be based on a circuit exploration tool called the OMSynth MiniLab. The MiniLab is a musical electronics invention tool that is part electronics learning lab, part musical instrument and gives you everything you need to build, hack and play with a wide range of experimental sound circuits. The MiniLab is completely portable. Build circuits in the woods, play music in a cave, impress your pets.


  • Flexible power section accepts batteries and/or standard guitar pedal power supply.
  • 3 channel audio mixer.
  • Amplifier with built in speaker and volume control.
  • Stereo headphone output jack.
  • 2 modular audio jacks for connecting to external equipment.
  • RGB LED & 3 channel LED driver.
  • Light sensor (connected to LED).
  • 5 modular potentiometers.
  • 1 modular pushbutton/slider switch.
  • 3 touch sensors.


June 4th: Oscillators & sensors The core of almost any noise circuit... and everything else.
June 12th: Sequencers, modulators & event generators Making your oscillators sing.
June 18th: Lets build an echo. Why not.

TIME: 6pm – 10pm

MENTOR: Peter Edwards

LOCATION: Ljudmila, Rimska 8, 1000 Ljubljana

Attendance at the lectures and workshops are free of charge. All are welcome, from complete beginners to hardened pros. All materials will be provided but participants are encouraged to bring their own supplies to experiment with.

How to apply >


Read more about Peter's events during his PIFresidency

The recidency is part of Art and education programme at Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory in co-production with Projekt Atol. The programme is supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture, and MOL – Department for Culture and Employment Service of Slovenia.

Read more about Peter Edward's work:


Photo: Miha Peterlic


Looking back: Learn the basics of synth DIY building with Casperelectronics


Part 1: Oscillators

Learn how to make a variety of simple but flexible oscillators (tone generators) using a breadboard and just a few inexpensive parts. This video has been created with newbies in mind, but should still offer some useful info and novel tricks for more experienced builders.


Part 2: Sequencers

Learn how to make a variety of musical pattern sequencers using a few common electrical components and a breadboard.


Part 3: DIY Lo-fi smaller, looper and LFO

Learn how to make a touch controlled sampler/sequencer and VCF (voltage controlled filter)

Get more info, schematics and drawings for the circuits shown in the videos on the Casperelectronics website >

Videos by Tilen Sepic






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