Free Circuit Workshop Series: Peter Edwards & Václav Pelousek

Modular Synthesis workshop

25. - 31. July 2016
Trenta, Slovenia

Peter Edwards (Casper Electronics) and Václav Pelousek (Bastl Instruments) join forces to bring modular synthesis out of the studio and outdoors, joining the PIFcamp_Alpine Hacktivation summer event in Trenta valley, Triglav National Park.


This workshop gives participants access to a simple but powerful set of building blocks which can be used to create interactive systems that control sound, light, motors and more. Participants learn about the basics of analog and digital engineering while creating unique interfaces and experiences to share with others.

The focus of the joined workshops is to provide simple but solid (and cheap!) building blocks to interface electronics with the outside world. On one side there is input conditioning for various types of sensors and on the other motors and physical actuators to modify the physical world. All interfacing can be done in the methodology of modular synthesis since all building blocks use control voltage as a common language.

The format used to interact with the building blocks is the electronics breadboard. It is be used for configuring internal connections but also to provide a mechanical base for creating solid objects. Working with both participants to help them build functional systems throughout the week and also holding a few group exercises and open lectures on basic electrical theory and coding practice.

Václav on his own focuses on creating mechanical sequencers to run musical circuits (river / wind sequencer etc.). Peter focuses on musical applications of this system but is also eager to explore how light and electromechanical objects can be utilized to create audio/visual installations.


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