Free Circuit Workshop Series: Paloma Lopez and Leslie Garcia aka INTERSPECIFICS

Human and Non-human Rhythms

25. - 31. July 2016
Trenta, Slovenia

Dive into bio-hacking and experimental sonification for five days during the PIFcamp_Alpine Hacktivation summer event in Trenta valley, Triglav National Park.


“Matter and radiation exist only in and through rhythm.”
(Lúcio Alberto Pinheiro dos Santos)



Rhythm is found where there’s interaction between space, time and expenditure of energy. In this sense to understand rhythm in both the complexity of music and the very nature of sound is also to understand the frequencies that shape human experience in time space and pervade everyday life and space.


The lab

In this 5 day long collaborative lab we will explore and work on following things together:

  • Collect water and sediment from different shores of the Soča River and plant samples from the forest of Trenta
  • Measure our own brain signals while exposed to different environmental stimuli
  • Build a microbial fuel cell and a Teensy based signal amplifier
  • Culture and track the amazing slime mold Physarum Polycephalum
  • Use Processing and Pure Data to monitorize bioelectrical signals, and Open Computer Vision to analyze the movement of microorganisms in a microscope
  • Make sound with all and try to understand different patterns within organisms and environmental situations



[microhom] The concert

With our tools built we will engage in a collective musical improvisation and try to put together the different sounds and rhythms deriving from the collected micro-organisms. The result will be presented as a live act at the conclusion of the week.


The week in activities

Day 1

  • A bit of theory on vibration and sonification
  • Human brain signal measurment and sonification | positive/negative/neutral exercise
  • Brain & music
  • Culture Physarum


Day 2

  • A river adventure collecting water samples
  • Microbial fuel cell building and sonification
  • A bit of theory on bacteria that produces energy
  • Track the growth of physarum


Day 3

  • A forest adventure collecting plant samples and plant transplant
  • Pulsum Planta(e) kit building and sonification
  • A bit of theory on the amazing secret life of plants
  • Keep tracking the growth of physarum


Day 4

  • Physarum sonification
  • A bit of theory on the growth and intelligence of slime molds
  • Collective improvisation


Day 5 & 6: Collective improvisation and public concert!


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The workshop is part of Ljudmila's Free-Circuit workshop series and produced in collaboration with Zavod Projekt Atol and Citizen Sensing Systems.















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