Changing Weathers kicks off

Networked responses across Europe

20. - 21. March 2015

Changing Weathers partner meeting brings us together in the hills of the original European Karst area in Slovenia. The two-day workshop aims to strengthen CW's long-term goals of providing a permanent platform for exchanges and empowering communities, providing sustainable data on building DIY communities and a transnational cooperation exchanging practices, knowledge and skills.

CHANGING WEATHERS networked responses to geophysical, geopolitical and technological shifts across Europe – is a cultural program with partners both from the European “core” and its political and economic “periphery”, with partners from countries of the East and of the West, from the North and from the South.















A map of Changing Weathers consortium

The Changing Weathers project is a set of research activities and actions reflecting the status of the changing cultural landscape of Europe, taking into account the shifting geophysical, geopolitical and technological vectors that are shaping it.

It's also a series of workshops, open field-based conferences, residencies, exhibitions and cultural actions with a goal of developing, discovering and re-shaping resilient and sustainable cultural practices challenged by climate, economic, ecological, technologic, social, political, cultural, artistic and geopolitical changes and tensions of past-, present and future- Europe.

Within the project a program of (commissioned) artworks, strategies and dynamic infrastructures will be created. They will initiate and sustain long-term networked cooperation and exchange between the participating organizations, cultural operators, artists and traditional and indigenous cultural activists.

The Changing Weathers project creates a roadmap for continuous cultural engagement, mutual learning, growth and cooperation across European cultural geographies of the past, present and future.

In order to achieve the best results there is a strong emphasis on immersive and hands-on actions such as workshops, journeys, residencies that break the barrier between the creator and the audience and form a dynamic, peer-to-peer and multi-directional flow of information. The project will be evaluated from the very start onwards in order to monitor and steer its goals as to monitor the project goals and to enable the partners to learn and improve throughout the life of the projects life.

The CW network stresses its openness not only by usage of open source principles, but is designed to be open to all artists, cultural workers, community members, sciences and audiences. The commissioned artists, artists in residence, mentors for camps, journeys (nomadic explorations) and workshops are not pre-determined by the direct membership of the CW consortium. In addition to open calls and invitations, partners will actively use existing networks of individual CW Consortium partners for locating potential speakers, artists and participants.

Zavod Projekt Atol (ZPA) is the convener and initiator of the CW project. As an organization that has vast experience in field work based artistic research all around the world throughout its 20 year history through the management of one of the first and signature art+science field based nomadic artworks, the Makrolab, and later ongoing engagements in the Arctic through the Arctic Perspective Initiative, it is ideally placed to coordinate CW. .

ZPA has been working within the Arctic Perspective Initiative (API) since 2007 with the aim to empower and learn from the North and Arctic peoples through the deployment of open source technologies and applied education and training.. By creating access to these technologies while promoting an open, shared network of communications and data, without a costly overhead, we can allow further sustainable and continued development of culture, traditional knowledge, science, technology, and education opportunities for peoples of the North and of the Global South at the same time.

Changing Weathers is coordinated by Zavod Projekt Atol (Ljubljana, Slovenia) in partnership with Sonic Acts (NL), RIX-C (LV), Finnish Bioart Society (FI), Hilde Methi (NO), Time's Up (AT)  and Ljudmila (SI).


20-21 March, 2015





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