Free Circuit Workshop Series: Wolfgang Spahn

808 Kick Drum Module workshop

4. - 6. November 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Free Circuit Workshop Series: Wolfgang Spahn In the two-day workshop participants build a Paper-Synthesizer 808KD, a Kick Drum Module, a Functional Clone of Tr-808 Bass Drum. It is The sound of 80´s hip hop and electro and one of the most cloned and copied electronic musical circuits of all time. Clever functionality of this particular circuit provides a good starting point for learning analog percussive sound synthesis.

Soil Future(s) symposium

International Science-Art Symposium

2. - 6. November 2015
Liepaja, Latvia

Soil Future(s) symposium In the framework of annual iWeek Art as Research Conference, Soil Future discusses artistic research strategies, methodologies and practices with regards to social, cultural and environmental sustainability. The symposium is followed by a 4-day workshop on Soil Present(s), Past(s) and Future(s) exploring issues of soil and land, sustainable gardening and cultural heritage as resource.

Open call for Dark Ecology journey 2015

Rethinking ecology

1. October 2015
Northern Norway, Northern Russia

Open call for Dark Ecology journey 2015 The Dark Ecology journey is for artists, theorists, designers, curators, scientists, writers, makers, and researchers who operate at the intersection of art, science and music, and who are interested in rethinking notions and concepts such as ‘nature’, ‘culture’, ‘ecology’ and ‘society’, and exploring new descriptions of the current 'state of affairs'.

Open call for Soil Future(s) symposium

Soil and the future of food

27. September 2015
Liepaja, Latvia

Open call for Soil Future(s) symposium Soil – this earth's thin skin which represents a main resource for ensuring future food, yet about which we know much less then about oil – will be used as a perspective to discuss and explore the changing landscape of Europe.

From the Book

  • Dark Ecological Chocolate

    Timothy Morton

    Dark Ecological Chocolate

    Dark ecology starts off dark as in depressing. Then it becomes dark as in mysterious. Then it ends dark as in sweet dark chocolate. In this lecture I'm going to provide an experiential map of dark...

  • Nikel — The City as a Material

    An interview with Tatjana Gorbachewskaja

    Nikel — The City as a Material

    Tatjana Gorbachewskaja is an architect who grew up in the Russian town Nikel, located in the far North near the Russian border with Norway. For Dark Ecology Project she researched the materials of...

  • What Is Dark Ecology?

    Timothy Morton

    What Is Dark Ecology?

    In this essay, which draws on his book Dark Ecology, For a Logic of Coexistence, Timothy Morton — who originally coined the term dark ecology — explains what dark ecology is. He also argues how...

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