Artist-in-residency & Workshops

29. May - 28. June 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Casperelectronics Casperelectronics aka Peter Edwards, is an American artist, musician, and teacher. He has been exploring the field of circuit bending and experimental musical electronics since 2000.

Free Circuit Workshop Series: Martin Howse

Earh Coding: How can the earth as a process be tempted to compose software?

6. - 7. May 2015
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Free Circuit Workshop Series: Martin Howse Through a range of guided, experimental activities, the two day workshop actively explores links between contemporary technology and the earth, attempting to define a new form of land art.

Changing Weathers visual identity

14. November 2014
Kirkenes, Kilpisjärvi, Riga, Amsterdam, Linz, Ljubljana

The Changing Weathers visual layout is based on different versions of a meta data font by defining the location the partners are based on.

From the Book

  • Dark Ecological Chocolate

    Timothy Morton

    Dark Ecological Chocolate

    Dark ecology starts off dark as in depressing. Then it becomes dark as in mysterious. Then it ends dark as in sweet dark chocolate. In this lecture I'm going to provide an experiential map of dark...

  • Nikel — The City as a Material

    An interview with Tatjana Gorbachewskaja

    Nikel — The City as a Material

    Tatjana Gorbachewskaja is an architect who grew up in the Russian town Nikel, located in the far North near the Russian border with Norway. For Dark Ecology Project she researched the materials of...

  • What Is Dark Ecology?

    Timothy Morton

    What Is Dark Ecology?

    In this essay, which draws on his book Dark Ecology, For a Logic of Coexistence, Timothy Morton — who originally coined the term dark ecology — explains what dark ecology is. He also argues how...

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