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    Arctic Knowledge Exchanges & Citizen Sensing Systems

    1. July 2015 July - 14. November 2016,
    Sub-Arctic landscape of Europe


    NUORTI! Arctic Knowledge Exchanges is a continuation of the series of engagements in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic in collaboration between Projekt Atol and Arctic Perspective Initiative. Together they...

  • Transiencies on Water, Trade and Transport

    Time's Up Residencies-in-motion

    1. January - 31. August 2016,
    Multiple locations

    Transiencies on Water, Trade and Transport

    Transiency is a residency in motion – aiming to collect and amalgamate ideas, experiences and dreams, from those who are involved and/or influenced in alternative practices of transporting goods....

  • Physical Narrative

    Time's Up 'Near-future scenario'

    1. April - 30. September 2016,
    Linz, Austria

    Physical Narrative

    The Physical Narrative is based upon a sketched near-future scenario on current developments with ocean pollution. The scenario imagines a decade time span with some critical juncture arising...

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