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  • PIFresidency: Hannah Perner-Wilson

    Packpacking the Electronic Textiles Studio

    1. - 30. September 2016,
    Ljubljana, Slovenia

    PIFresidency: Hannah Perner-Wilson

    This residency is about developing a final version of the "PIFpack" – a proposal for an electronic textiles workbench packaged into a backpack. The design is inspired by observations and...

  • Turnton - a small city on the sea

    Exhibition on a climate and system changed possible future

    28. September - 7. October 2016,
    Riga, Latvia

    Turnton - a small city on the sea

    Through a process of scenario planning based upon futures processes and the current state of the oceans, we have developed a model for a small town that has transformed through this development to...

  • Open Fields Conference & Exhibition

    Contemporary and networked responses to geophysical, socio-political and cultural shifts in European landscape

    29. September - 6. November 2016,
    Riga, Latvia

    Open Fields Conference & Exhibition

    Open Fields brings together international scholars and artists, working at the intersection of arts, humanities and science.

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